Meet James


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Meet James


  • This is the way: James is all about the nerdy & tech-y stuff. He can tell you all about how technology works in cameras, computers, cars, and the latest Apple products! He also shares his love of all things Marvel, Star Wars, LOTR, etc. with Emily and only agrees to go to Disney World again just to experience the new world of Star Wars!

  • Brands & Marketing: He loves a well branded business and likes name brand everything. Some of his favorites are Yeti, AE, Bose, Ray Bands, Tesla, and of course, Apple!

  • Favorite thing to do: He enjoys experimenting with new recipes and is Emily’s in home chef! He cooks 8/10 dinners and finds a way to use every dish & utensil as he works his magic. If you’ve had his famous Salmon dish you may think he’s missed his calling in the Culinary world.

  • Other photography skills: His experience with photography extends outside the world of weddings. He has experience photographing live sports for colleges & olympians, real estate, and (his personal favorite) concerts. He hopes to one day work a game at Lane Stadium when Virginia Tech plays his alma mater Liberty University! Go Flames!