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Step Four:

Choose Your Outfits

We recommend a more formal outfit and a more casual one, so that you have plenty of variety to choose from!

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Neutrals such as blush, tans, light pinks, faint blues and teals, creams, grays and whites will always result in more of a light and airy look to your images. These colors photograph softer and more romantically!

If you want more bright colors you could try for more colorful clothes that also allows for contrast in your images such as jewel tones, rich bright colors, etc.

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We recommend that you avoid patterns (stripes, blocks, polka dots, etc.) that are smaller than a dime! These small patterns can create strange visual effects (called Moire Effect) in a digital camera. Want to see examples of what I am talking about?? Look HERE!

We do recommend adding some sort of pattern, layers, or texture to your outfits if that matches your personality!

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Comfortable & Functional

Dress for the weather and be prepared to spend the entire session outside. Wearing a nicer jacket in your photos is a great idea for the colder months and can also be another accessory for your outfit!

For the really hot sessions, it’s a good idea to hydrate before and after! Basically keep in mind to dress for the weather because we want to make the most of our time!

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The goal is COORDINATING outfits instead of MATCHING! We also recommend avoiding both of you wearing WHITE as a top. White doesn’t allow for any contrast in your images (Makes your image flat and not vibrant).

If one of you wears a pattern one of you could wear a solid color that pairs nicely with it! IMPORTANT: Keep the same level of fanciness! Jeans & a cocktail dress don’t exactly go together… am I right?