The pups


Meet the Fur Babies



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  • The first fur baby 🙂

  • She was found under a shed along with her siblings! And we were so happy to give her a home!

  • She has the cutest sock feet

  • Favorite things to do:

    • Play with the water hose

    • Hide treats from Phoebe

    • Play fetch with anything you throw

  • More reserved & protective

  • Requires a fluffy bed to sleep in

  • Also goes by:

    • Kimber Timber

    • Kimothy (James’ favorite)

    • Kimmy Kim Kim (Emily’s favorite)

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  • The little BIG sister to Kimber

  • 90 pound runt of her litter from Mill Creek Rottweilers in Harrisonburg, VA.

  • Favorite things to do:

    • Snuggle on the couch

    • Eat peanut butter

    • Steal all the attention away from Kimber

  • Fire Department Volunteer- She sounds the alarm when she hears a siren of any kind. No matter the time of day or night…

  • Also goes by:

    • Phobe (James’ favorite)

    • BB Girl (Emily’s favorite)

    • Snots (Christmas Vacation anyone?)