heirloom legacy album


The First Heirloom for Your Family


85% of couples don’t do ANYTHING with their images after the wedding day. Why is that? Often times couples will tell me that they spent so much on the wedding and they can’t even imagine coming up with more money to invest in a legacy album. I totally get the budget concern but I feel that it is my responsibility to at the very least tell you about this heirloom for you and your future kiddos.

I remember, as a little girl, looking through my grandma’s and my mom’s wedding albums from years ago. I remember thinking two things: 1) POOFY SLEEVES… Thank the Lord the styles have changed (can I get an Amen??) and 2) How cool it was to see their wedding photos! I loved seeing how young they were when they were married, the different style of photography, and my parents and grandparents in LOVE!

The stats on marriage lasting more than 1-5 years is staggering. I am so proud and blessed to have been raised in a family that values marriage in high regards. In 20__, my parents celebrated 25 years of marriage and my grandparents are well on their way to 60 years together. James and I are only 5 years but I am SO EXCITED to live life with him.

Our wedding album has be there on our coffee table as a bold representation that our marriage is strong but only if we are working towards it together. When we experience valleys and hardships it is easy to throw empty hateful words (just being honest…). However, in a moment of silence as I am mulling over my emotions and regretful retaliations I see my album on the coffee table.

I can’t tell you how many times this album has been a reality check for me. In the heat of the moment, the focus is on the emotion or argument but my wedding album brings me back to those moments and emotions from our wedding day and sends chills up my spine. This fight will not matter 50 years from now. You know what does matter 50 years from now? Our love and dedication to choosing each other day after day. So as I get off my high horse, I flip through the pages and by that time we are both reminiscing from our day!

Like the time I gave him a bloody nose by shoving cake in his face…. yes that happened. haha!

That was probably way more detailed than you wanted to hear but this has happened.

After all, albums and prints are better than digital files that sit on your computer, right?