A New Years Eve Wedding in Roanoke, Virginia | Braxton + Emma

January 6, 2022

Groom twirling his bride for a portrait at their New Years Eve Roanoke, Virginia Wedding.



Winter Wedding at On the Glen | Roanoke Wedding Photographer

This is the first time ever that I am finishing up a wedding blog post this early in January! We are usually finished up with our wedding season by November but this year (2021 I guess I should say) was a little different. Emma, one of my friends since we were kids inquired for her very own wedding!! And yes I feel so old saying that. But I was so excited to be able to work with Braxton & Emma because they are so much fun and their joy is so infectious to be around!

When they were describing their wedding I knew it was going to be a show stopping event to end our well! They were very excited about ringing in the new year with a HUGE dance party and boy did they deliver! I am not usually one that enjoys staying up late. I like going to bed earlier but James on the other hand was thriving. He is such a night owl! But I was proud of myself for making it through the day from 1pm to after midnight!! It should have felt like a really long day but we had lots of breaks in between photos. Honestly it felt so strange to have almost 2 hours worth of a break BEFORE the ceremony!! But we took that time to grab a bite to eat, drink some water, back up our photos, etc. Which is not something we typically have loads of time for.

Why did we have that long break??? Because the only way to achieve our style of photography this time of year here in Virginia, is by choosing the first look timeline. We actually got 90% of their portraits done before the sun set!! Which did mean we started earlier than we typically would have but I’m so glad we did because I LOVE all their natural light portraits so much- even though it’s definitely raining (thankful for cover porches with beautiful columns).

And I’m so glad they were willing to share a first look so that we could take all of their portraits outside during the day instead of keeping to a traditional timeline with all flash portraits (which is something this photographer does NOT have the patience for….). So we finished all their portraits with almost 2 hours to spare before the ceremony!

The rest of their wedding held so many surprises for their bridal party and guests! Emma & Braxton really wanted to spoil everyone with a good time and planned out:

  • an epic first kiss at the alter (I’m so proud of them for practicing this more advanced level pose because they nailed it!),

  • they created a story telling reception entrance for their bridal party to brag on their besties (Team Bride & Team Groom),

  • showed off some surprise dance moves with the father/daughter & mother/son dances- This took me back to my father/daughter dance on the SAME dance floor 6 years ago 🙂

  • handed out props, shots, and lights on the dance floor, etc.

They really knew how to throw a fabulous New Years Party and ended the night with their first ever New Years Kiss as husband and wife! I got my midnight kiss too since ya know, James was there working with me 🙂 All in all, it was both an exciting end to our BUSIEST YEAR YET and beginning of our 2022 year!! So please enjoy scrolling through this New Years Eve wedding at One the Glen, in Roanoke, Virginia!


PS: You don’t wanna miss their midnight kiss along with our surprise EH Couple group photo because there was more than one EH couple at this wedding!!! 🙂


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Vendor Highlights:

This On the Glen New Years Eve wedding in Roanoke, Virginia featured some amazing vendors and the links to their websites are below!

Theme: New Years Eve PARTY

Colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver

Venue: On the Glen at Glenburn Farms

Planning: Debbie Studtmann

Pastor: Joe Slater, RUF Campus Minister at JMU

Florist: Green Designs

DJ: Dj the DJ with Quest Entertainment

Dessert: Plantation Creations

Catering: Plantation Creations

Dress Shop: Here & Now Bridal

Rings: Haywood’s Jewelers

Bridesmaids Dresses: Baltic Born & Birdy Grey

Favors: Kiss from the Mr & Mrs


If you are a photographer and have questions about this day or this location feel free to DM me on Instagram, I’d love to help!! 🙂

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A New Years Eve Wedding in Roanoke, Virginia | Braxton + Emma

A New Years Eve Wedding in Roanoke, Virginia | Braxton + Emma

A New Years Eve Wedding in Roanoke, Virginia | Braxton + Emma

A New Years Eve Wedding in Roanoke, Virginia | Braxton + Emma