Noah + Abby | Engaged

December 16, 2019




Roanoke Mountain View Engagement Session | Roanoke Wedding Photographer

I love all of my EHP couples so much but I have a special love for these two as Abby is my one and only girl cousin!! We grew up with all boys in our family and have so many memories of us playing together as kids. Some of my favorite memories with her is in my Nana’s old sun room playing house or school and then playing backyard baseball with all our cousins! We survived our childhood surrounded by all these boys and now look where we are!! She is getting MARRIED!

I met Noah a few years ago at our family Christmas dinner and he was so quiet! Abby and I have the kind of personality that is…. how should I put it… confident and loud haha! Those of you who know James and I probably can tell how we balance each other out. My loud “introverted extrovert” personality balances out James’ quiet, introvert, and reserved personality. Noah is definitely Abby’s balancing personality and they have grown so much together these past few years! We had too much fun with them at their shoot and kept them a little longer than normal because they were just TOO GOOD in front of the camera!

They are actually our first 2021 booked wedding and have a little more time than we are used to before they tie the knot… but we were so excited for their engagement session that we scheduled it a bit sooner. 🙂 We are looking forward to their second engagement session coming later in 2020!! Until then, enjoy some of my favorites from their Roanoke mountain view engagement session!

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Noah + Abby | Engaged

Noah + Abby | Engaged

Noah + Abby | Engaged

Noah + Abby | Engaged